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Elements  |  Hagedorn Foundation Gallery  |  Atlanta , GA, United States  
“Elements” is part of an ongoing diary news-views comprised of 11 large scale color photographs and 16 small photographs devoted to nature.
The interaction with nature is produced immediately as the viewers open the door. Two vertical photographs of grass are facing the viewer in a proportion larger than human size. Once the viewer is inside, there is no order of viewing. As the two images of grass welcome the show, they invite you to turn to the left or right allowing the flow of the show to follow the vierwer’s emotions.
The predominant photograph is an image of water at Piedmont Park that functions as the embrasing focal point of the show, evoking the image of a lung for the city of Atlanta.
In the shape of different continents, there is one photograph of the sky and this is what connects the concept of universality and needs no translation through the “Elements”. In the same manner as there is only one sky that connects the world.
Through photographs of melting and receding glaciers, “Elements” witnesses the immense environmental devastation that is occurring on our planet.
Finally, in an intimate presentation, in a much smaller size, the natural cycle of nature is portrayed through the four seasons in the life of a vineyard. 
The intention of “Elements” is to question the public awareness of the state of nature’s changes, showing the beauty of nature that nobody knows for how long will exist. To find our innermost essence and to open our sensitivity to allow it to flourish, since there is a thin line where life and death meet and time is the mystery of what will be next.

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