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"It was an extraordinary session, I really felt like I flew. At the last part of the session, I was completely in a relaxed state in a Theta waves, so powerful and I felt so much lighter within myself. I felt my whole body vibrating. I could see light blue, white and yellow colors. - I really liked how Denise transmitted the topic and took me to a state of meditation and also enjoyed the explanation in every detail of the introduction. - First, I started to feel cold as Antarctic water, I liked it. Also at the beginning I felt like vomiting, I started to feel in my body some descriptions that Denise explained at the beginning like my extremely body temperature, my arms and face tingling, dizziness, I let myself go with the rhythm of the music that I loved, I felt that my body surrendered completely and I started to enter deeply into the 4th cycle, “I found myself”, Denise was guiding me beautifully, with great strength and this is the first time that I repeat “I found myself”. At the last part of the session my body started to warm again and felt my body completely levitating.

I felt it was especially for me, and the sound system completely surrounded by the rhythm of the music. I love the esencial oils and working in cycles that empower the dynamic of the energy. LOVE IT.

I love the mix between the music and her voice. Being one-on-one was a treasure and I will keep doing it like this with Denise along the year. I will highly spread the voice about this powerful PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® experience. In the end of the session, I just wanted to dance. The process is magnificent, it is super strong, a thousand things open up to you, at the end I cried with the music of the joy of feeling myself that now I will be able to achieve everything in life."

"He sentido infinita tranquilidad. Tenía una conversa muy  difícil pendiente con mi hijo y fluyó sincera y honesta, muy en paz. 
Sábado, me destapé con una menstruación que siento me tiene botando todo lo  que ya no sirve … de alguna forma creo que el instrumento armónico me alineó lo externo e interno ! Es impresionante! 
Creo que estoy también algo más lucida, he tenido varias ocurrencias el fin de semana y deseo llegar mañana cuanto antes al taller.

Replanteándome cómo seguir también!"

I felt infinite tranquility. I had a very difficult conversation pending with my son and it flowed sincerely and honestly, very peaceful. 
Saturday, I uncovered myself with a menstruation that I feel has me throwing away everything that is no longer useful ... somehow I think that the harmonic instrument aligned the external and internal ! It is amazing! 
I think I am also a bit more lucid, I have had several occurrences over the weekend and I want to get to the studio tomorrow as soon as possible.

Rethinking how to go on too!

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