Lascar Volcano                D.l-R.

12:02:18 desert 101, from the series Desert © Denise Lira-Ratinoff

                                                                        Lascar (volcano)

                                                      Altitude - Elevation 5592 m.s.n.m.

                     Geographic position Lat: -23° 22' 2.7" (WGS 84) Lon: -67° 43' 38.3" 

                                                                 Enrique Rivera - Curator  

A powerful image of a crater of the Lascar volcano is a portrait that reveals a geographical site that is very hard to reach, where mysticism is fundamental in this ritual of ascending the mountain, with silence and respect, attracted by the magnetism of its strength and titanic dimensions, hoping in each step that the volcano would allow me to reach its peak and allow itself to be portrayed.


The internal conviction is extremely necessary to ascend its slope, to walk in synchronicity with conscious breathing, feeling different terrains and overcoming very low temperatures below zero, gave me the opportunity to face with my own eyes its entire magnificence filled with gases, strength, history of its activity also with a breathe, but this time the breathe of our planet Earth through the beat of its immense crater.


This life experience leaves you with a legacy of humility insofar as the perception of the world. It is a before and an after.

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