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Mix Rosonancia Fmri - Denise Lira-Ratinoff
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Mix_Resonancia_cetácea - Denise Lira-Ratinoff
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MIX UMBRAL FINAL STEREO - Denise Lira-Ratinoff
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threshold, Installation by Denise Lira-Ratinoff

threshold visualizes the invisible, covering the acoustic contamination

that affects cetaceans in the ocean. threshold is the result of a movement of a part of the ocean towards the center of the city, the starting place of a sensorial route that seeks to provoke different looks towards the ecosystem’s sea bed, a bottomless space, practically unnoticed.


The Installation wishes to show what is beyond reach for our senses, translating the acoustic contaminated caused by human technologies that invade the oceans into a sensorial experience. Through this visual and sound portal, Denise seeks to awaken a transpecies awareness; where the human and the cetacean are on the same level regarding the same matter; the salt and the darkness as common territory.


The work is planned as an immersive metaphor that reveals how our perception is being flooded by images and sounds coming from the massive means of communication with our conveying to us completely what happens in nonhuman worlds. The electromagnetic signals and data that is invaded from a sutil fulfillment, the sense of orientation, provoke a re-organization of the psycho-geography that we share with the great ocean mammals.


The cetacean's chant sounds like a moan. A flash of light and darkness that follows evoke the experience of uncertainty and death. The ocean opens the third landscape towards a space of amazement that makes our senses be refined in order to perceive it. The chant and the movement of the ocean become a hypnotic mass, placing us on the edge of a habitat that is being destroyed by human ambition.


"Cetaceans are hot blooded mammals, they breath through a couple of lungs, they have hair at least in one stage of their life cycle and they drink milk in the first months of their lives." (MERI Foundation).


Denise Lira-Ratinoff (Santiago, 1977). At present she lives and works in

Chile, the U.S.A. and Germany. Through her work, she explores the links between humanity and nature, creating Installations that search to demonstrate the symmetries and proximities of both. Her work is a combination of photography, video, sound, organization materials and waste, which she mounts in the space with the intention of awakening the senses of the physical and the immaterial.



HD Video of the zenith images, projected on a 3,000 Kg. of salt with 9x5

meters of support.


Audio 5.1




Acoustic Contamination




Alexander von Humboldt


Scientific allies: Dr. Francisco Javier Soto Silva, Susannah Buchan,

MERI Foundation, Plastic Oceans.


Collaborators: Patricio Aguilar for our co-direction and life's travels, Claudio Di Girólamo, Edson Aguilar, Andrea Byrd, Guillermo Feuerhake, Jorge Brantmayer, Christian Crosgrove, Daniel Dávila, Jorge Díaz, Jaime Alarcón, José Miguel Vera, Carlos Medina, Soledad Aguila, Aldair Vásquez, Yhonny Martínez, Iván Miranda, Francisco Melivilu Fuentes, Daniel Vinagre, Karime Maureira, Lucas Gnecco, Italo Basso, FOREVER CHILE, CHILOE CINE, EAD Construcciones, YAGAN Films, Kiné imágenes, VGL, ENDEMICO. 

 A S T R O C I T O M A

UMBRAL es uno de los conceptos más importantes que existe en Neurología, en Neurofisiología porque funcionamos en base a alcanzar un UMBRAL. UMBRAL se refiere a que un estímulo si tu lo repites una y otra vez se va sumando a un punto tal que se alcanza un UMBRAL y eso origina una respuesta. Un estimulo no es suficiente, sino la repetición, la frecuencia, que hace la descarga a nivel cerebral. Todas las cosas funcionan en base a UMBRALES en nuestro cerebro. 

Dr. Francisco Soto, Neurólogo.

Abrir la puerta a cualquier satisfacción o deseo que alguien puede sentir.

sinopsis CRONOMETRO - Denise Lira-Ratinoff
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SINOPSIS AUDIO: CRONOMETRO involucra al espectador a vivir una experiencia sensorial. CRONOMETRO principalmente marca el TIEMPO, CRONOMETRO es ahora, CRONOMETRO no mira atrás sino que desde el presente es realmente aprender hacerse cargo de lo que uno hace.



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